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The Joint Commission Implements New Policy for Clearing PFIs

The Joint Commission has announced that it will implement a new policy requiring that it clear Plans for Improvement (PFIs) in a more timely manner. The policy is consistent with the expectations of the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services. In a recent review of existing PFIs, The Joint Commission’s Department of Engineering found that a large number of organizations have failed to make sufficient progress toward completion. All accredited organizations need to complete, or request an extension for, PFIs that exceed the projected completion date by more than six months. This applies only to PFIs that have been accepted during survey. Failure to address overdue PFIs by July 1 will result in a follow-up call by a member of The Joint Commission’s Department of Engineering. Further delay in resolving a PFI may result in an on-site survey. For additional information, contact The Joint Commission through the Joint Commission Connect extranet.