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HQI Looks to a Third Year of Funding for CalHEN in 2014

The Hospital Quality Institute (HQI) has announced it expects approval for an additional year of funding for the California Hospital Engagement Network (CalHEN) for 2014. Established through the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services as part of the Partnership for Patients national initiative, CalHEN now includes 169 participating hospitals.

“The original two-year funding period is finishing strong, with impressive results that speak to the commitment and resolve of participating hospital leaders and teams to reduce harm to patients and reduce readmissions,” said HQI CEO Julie Morath. “It is because of those results that we will be awarded the third year. This is an exciting opportunity to build infrastructure for those hospitals that need greater support, and organize for sustained results and further improvement.”

Looking toward 2014, CalHEN will continue to address its strategic goals by adding staff specialists to reduce the burden for hospitals in reporting activities and to create educational curricula and tools that support skill development and staff engagement. In addition, CalHEN will welcome Dr. Bonnie Zell next month. Zell, a former OB-GYN physician, an IHI fellow, and a graduate of the Center of Clinical Evaluative Studies at Dartmouth, will take on the role as HEN director as current manager Michele Davenport Lambert completes her contract with the organization. Detailed information about accomplishments and additional plans for 2014 will be shared with CHA members in the future.

HQI extends appreciation to California hospitals that have worked to improve care for Californians and looks forward to continuing to create safer and more effective care.