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HQI Examines Cancer Surgery Volume in ‘The Health Care Blog’ Post

Earlier this month, Julianne Morath, president and CEO of the Hospital Quality Institute (HQI) and David Perrott, CHA’s chief medical officer, published an article on cancer surgery volume, available at The article analyzes a recent report on cancer surgeries in California hospitals, emphasizing the need for continued dialogue and further evidence-gathering. The report reveals that many hospitals performed certain cancer surgeries only once or twice in 2014, and that many cancer patients were within 50 miles of another hospital performing their needed surgery with greater frequency; this is the first time such data have been made available. According to the article, factors that can impact these data include physician and team competency, patient demographics, geographic considerations and socio-economic factors. HQI, in collaboration with the American College of Surgeons and other professional associations, is working to achieve its top priorities of improving quality care and assessing surgical safety.