CHA News Article

House Introduces New Continuing Resolution to Fund Federal Government

House leadership Monday evening introduced H.J. Res. 128 (attached), a continuing resolution to keep the federal government operating past the Feb. 8 deadline through March 23 for most federal agencies (funding for the Department of Defense would be extended through the end of the fiscal year). 

The measure includes a wide variety of additional provisions, including several of CHA’s top priorities. Specifically, it delays for two years the cuts to Medicaid disproportionate share hospitals; extends the Medicare payment adjustment for low-volume hospitals for two years; and lifts the therapy caps and extends the current outpatient supervision requirements for critical access hospitals and other rural hospitals. The measure also includes five-year extensions for the home health rural add-on and the ground ambulance service add-on, as well as provisions that impact community health centers, Medicare Advantage, home health settlements, accountable care organizations, telehealth and chronic care are also included. A summary of the bill is attached.  

Unfortunately, the measure also includes a Medicare payment cut to hospitals for certain patients transferred to hospice care. The cut would not begin until 2023, which is an improvement from the initial proposal. The bill is expected to pass the House on Tuesday but prospects in the Senate remain uncertain.