CHA News Article

House Engages in Discussion to Adjust AHCA

Over the last two weeks, members of the conservative House Freedom Caucus have engaged in additional conversations with the White House in an effort to revive their plans to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act. Two weeks ago the House leadership’s initial plan, the American Health Care Act (AHCA), was pulled from the floor during debate when it became clear that there were not sufficient votes to pass the measure. 

One proposal emerging from recent discussions is designed to help reduce premiums by reimbursing insurers for individuals with high health care costs. Known as the Palmer-Schweikert amendment, the proposal would create a $15 billion Federal Invisible Risk-Sharing Program. Today, the House Rules Committee voted to add the Palmer-Schweikert amendment to the AHCA. Other discussions have focused on allowing states to opt out of the essential benefit package requirements and/or community rating. 

Leadership has indicated that conversations will continue through Congress’ upcoming recess. CHA will continue to keep members informed as the process evolves.