CHA News Article

House Committee Passes Legislation Reforming Mental Health Care
Reforms would expand access to services

The House Energy & Commerce Committee passed the Helping Families in Mental Health Crisis Act (H.R. 2646) yesterday by a unanimous vote. The legislation, supported by CHA, would reform the nation’s mental health system to expand access to care.

H.R. 2646 would provide funding for assisted outpatient treatment programs and would codify a Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services rule allowing Medicaid reimbursement for mentally ill patients who require less than a 15-day inpatient stay in a psychiatric hospital with more than 16 beds. Currently, many of those patients are denied inpatient psychiatric care due to an Institute for Mental Disease exclusion. These reforms, among others, would collectively work to increase the available beds in the mental health system so patients can receive psychiatric care in an appropriate setting. CHA sent the attached letter to the California members of the House Energy & Commerce Committee applauding their support of H.R. 2646.