CHA News Article

Hospitals Report IV Fluid Drug Shortage Post Hurricane Maria

CHA and the American Hospital Association are actively monitoring pharmaceutical manufacturer production amid Puerto Rico’s hurricane recovery, as over 80 pharmaceutical plants in Puerto Rico produce approximately 10 percent of the medications taken by Americans. Several California hospitals have reported shortages of intravenous (IV) fluid mini-bags related to Puerto Rico hurricane activity. The Food and Drug Administration reported last week that it has intervened to help manufacturers obtain fuel, allowing production to continue during recovery activities.

All hospitals that obtain IV fluids from Baxter should have received a letter, dated Sept. 29, addressing supply allocation recalculations. Available resources addressing the shortage include American Society of Health-System Pharmacists guidance and resources on IV solution conservation strategies, as well as other drug shortage solutions from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. For further assistance, contact BJ Bartleson, CHA vice president, nursing and clinical services, at or (916) 552-7537.