CHA News Article

Hospitals Reminded to Take Precautionary Measures for Upcoming Heat Wave

The California Department of Public Health (CDPH) today issued the attached All Facilities Letter addressing anticipated excessive heat in Northern and Central Sacramento Valley and adjacent foothills over the next several days. With temperatures expected to reach 110 degrees, health care facilities are reminded to take precautions to ensure appropriate air conditioning equipment is well maintained and operating effectively. Facilities must have contingency plans in place to deal with either the loss of air conditioning or, in the case when no air conditioning is available, to take measures to ensure patients and residents are free of adverse conditions that may cause heat-related health complications. Portable fans and other temporary cooling devices should be used when indicated. Facilities should also note that they are required to contact their CDPH Licensing & Certification district office if extreme heat conditions compromise patient health and safety or require an evacuation, transfer or discharge of patients.