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Hospitals Reminded to Download IPF Program Review Report

Participating inpatient psychiatric facilities (IPFs) should download their IPF program preview report before Jan. 29 — when the current report preview period ends — through the file exchange function on My QualityNet. IPFs that submitted data but are not eligible for the program will not have a preview report. To be eligible for the IPF quality reporting (QR) program, IPFs must be reimbursed under Medicare’s IPF prospective payment system. A quick-reference guide for previewing reports is available on the QualityNet website.

Questions about the report or the IPFQR program may be directed to the support Help Desk by e-mail at or by phone at (888) 961-6425. For questions regarding preview report technical issues, contact the QualityNet Help Desk at

In order to access the report, IPFs must have been assigned a “file exchange and search” user role. Those that do no not yet have this role assigned should contact the IPF’s designated security administrator (SA). Facilities that have only one designated SA should contact the QualityNet Help Desk at (866) 288-8912 for assistance.