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Hospitals Reminded to Complete Forms When Discharging Minor Patients

CHA has learned that some hospitals may not be completing state-required forms when discharging minor patients under the age of 16, particularly infants who are put on a hold by Child Protective Services (CPS) while in the hospital. As a reminder, Health and Safety Code Section 1283(b) requires hospitals to complete Form AD 22, “Health Facility Minor Release Report,” whenever a minor patient under the age of 16 is discharged to someone other than:

  1. A parent
  2. A person who has legal custody
  3. A relative by blood or marriage (such as a stepparent or grandparent)
  4. An agent of a public welfare, probation or law enforcement agency if the minor falls within the description of Welfare and Institutions Code Sections 300, 601 or 602 (i.e., the child has been adjudged to be a dependent child or ward of the juvenile court), or
  5. When the minor’s discharge is to another health facility for further care

Hospitals should be aware that a child on a CPS hold has not yet been adjudged to be a dependent child or ward of the juvenile court. Therefore, Form AD 22 must be completed even when a CPS hold is in place. The form may be obtained at

Detailed information about legal requirements surrounding patient discharges is included in CHA’s Consent Manual – A Reference for Consent and Related Health Care Law. For more information about the manual or to order it, visit