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Hospitals Participate in CHA’s ‘CURES 2.0’ Browser Advisory Group

Hospitals and their pharmacists and licensed health care prescribers are actively participating in a CHA advisory group to discuss issues and assure successful transition to the new Controlled Substance Utilization Review and Evaluation System (CURES) for the state’s prescription drug monitoring program. The Department of Justice and Department of Consumer Affairs recently announced the launch of the new system, which is a more functional and fully automated process. CURES 2.0 will give licensed health care prescribers and pharmacists the ability to request access to the system and validate their credentials entirely online using a secure web browser. To allow health care systems time to upgrade to CURES 2.0 compatible browsers, CURES 1.0 has continued to be available to clinical users, and CHA convened its CURES 2.0 Browser Advisory Group as a way for member hospitals to provide feedback during the transition.

All health care practitioners authorized to prescribe or dispense Schedule II-IV controlled substances must be registered to use CURES no later than July 1. To register using the automated system, watch video tutorials on accessing CURES and for additional information, including FAQs,visit Hospitals should ensure that they are using the correct URL — — to prevent frequent system lockouts.