CHA News Article

Hospitals Notified of Digital TV Channel Frequency Change
Potentially affects telemetry systems

The Federal Communications Commission requires television stations to notify health care facilities within their service area when they change the frequency on which they transmit, because such changes can affect hospitals’ wireless monitoring equipment. CHA has received the attached notice from Widelity ­— a company retained by KRNS-CD television station in Reno, NV — to make the required notifications that the frequency on which it transmits will change. Widelity is one of a few organizations along with select television stations that will notify health care facilities in their coverage of similar changes over the next three years.

While many hospitals no longer use television channels for wireless monitoring or equipment, those that do will need to move and retune equipment. Hospitals should work with the manufacturer of their telemetry systems to determine which channels and frequencies to use. Attached are a presentation that includes a list of facilities in the Widelity region and an overview of the process, as well as a list of California stations that are or will be changing frequencies.