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Hospitals Must Review Embargoed Maternity Data by Friday
New frequently asked questions document helps explain measures’ source and methodology

As previously announced in CHA News, Cal Hospital Compare released on Dec. 18 an embargoed data set of certain maternity measures for 2016 to the Hospital Quality Institute (HQI). These data were shared with birthing hospital contacts, including all CEOs; hospitals that did not receive a data set should contact HQI. The review period for these data concludes at 5 p.m. (PT) tomorrow, Dec. 22, and the data will be publicized on or around Jan. 18. This release includes data for measures on episiotomy rate; nulliparous, term, singleton, vertex (NTSV) cesarean delivery rate; vaginal birth after cesarean (VBAC) delivery rate; and VBACs routinely offered (Y/N). The breastfeeding rate will be released in early to mid-January.

Cal Hospital Compare also provided the attached frequently asked questions to help hospitals understand the source and methodology of the measures.

As part of the Smart Care Awards, Secretary Diana Dooley of the California Health and Human Services Agency will acknowledge hospitals that met the Healthy People 2020 target rate of 23.9 percent or fewer NTSV cesarean deliveries via a certificate that will be mailed to the hospital’s CEO. This measure relates to unnecessary cesarean deliveries for first-time, low-risk mothers.

Hospitals that would like to be included in the email circulation, or that have changes to the dataset from Cal Hospital Compare, should contact HQI.