CHA News Article

Hospitals Encouraged to Support HealthImpact

CHA encourages member hospitals to support HealthImpact, an organization committed to ensuring California has a dynamic, highly skilled nursing workforce. As a 501(c)(3) organization, HealthImpact does not receive public funds, so it depends on contributions from financial partners — primarily hospitals and health systems. CHA and its members have supported the organization since it was started 17 years ago.

In the video below, HealthImpact CEO Judee Berg provides some highlights of the organization’s important work and its effectiveness throughout the state. Berg also explains how to make a financial contribution that will allow the organization to continue helping nurses who work in hospitals.

More information is available at, and contributions can be made through the site’s “Donate” button. Alternatively, later this week HealthImpact will mail hospitals a contribution request with an option to send a check by mail.