CHA News Article

Hospitals Encouraged to Submit Medicare Provider Revalidation Applications
Payments may be suspended if responses are late

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) began cycle two of its Medicare provider revalidation process this year, with the first responses due May 31. Medicare administrative contractor Noridian reports that, of the Medicare Part A providers in California with applications due through Nov. 30, only 17 percent have responded. It is important for providers to submit their applications to Noridian prior to the due date. Providers that do not submit a timely revalidation application risk the chance of their payments being suspended, with the possibility of their enrollment file being end-dated and a resulting gap in coverage.  

Hospitals can check whether they need to revalidate with Medicare by visiting and following the steps to find an individual or organizational record. If a due date is listed, hospitals should submit an application immediately. If no due date is listed or the notation reads “TBD,” hospitals should not submit an application until a date has been provided.

Additional information can be found on Noridian’s home page in the revalidation section.