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Hospitals Encouraged to Participate in Quality Improvement Initiatives With HQI, Medicare QIO
Separate programs to be coordinated by HQI

The Health Services Advisory Group (HSAG), California’s Medicare Quality Improvement Organization (QIO), is currently recruiting hospitals statewide to work on preventing and reducing health care-acquired infections as part of its directive from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS). The Hospital Quality Institute (HQI) supports HSAG’s efforts and has formed a strategic partnership with the QIO to plan and coordinate quality improvement activities in California. Some of HSAG’s CMS mandates overlap with efforts already underway in the state through HQI programs, including Patient Safety First and the California Hospital Engagement Network (CalHEN). To eliminate any confusion or duplication of effort, HQI will align activities and advisors to hospitals, paying keen attention to reporting requirements.

HQI urges all California hospitals to participate in the next phase of CalHEN, HEN 2.0, which has as its focus the elimination of 10 health care-acquired infections. While the contract has not yet been awarded, HQI looks forward to hearing from CMS and keeping hospitals informed.

To encourage participation with the QIO, Debra Nixon, PhD, MSHA, BSN, representing HSAG in California, will be contacting hospitals.

California hospitals have enjoyed a long history with HSAG, and HQI anticipates further successful collaboration in the coordinated effort to prevent and reduce health care-acquired infections.