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Homeless Patient Discharge Planning Guidebook Now Available for Free Download
Print copies also available

CHA’s latest guidebook, Discharge Planning for Homeless Patients, explains California’s new homeless patient discharge planning law and offers insights to help hospitals prepare to return homeless patients to the community. 

The law, which requires hospitals to try to coordinate the patient’s discharge to appropriate area shelters or other community-based services, takes effect Jan. 1, 2019.

The guidebook is available for free download at; printed copies of the guidebook may also be ordered.

Written by CHA’s Lois Richardson, vice president and counsel, legal publications and education, and Peggy Broussard Wheeler, vice president, rural health and governance, Discharge Planning for Homeless Patients helps hospitals comply with the law by:

  • Explaining the requirements of California’s homeless patient discharge planning law
  • Describing the required elements of a homeless patient discharge planning policy
  • Detailing how to implement the plan throughout the facility
  • Covering what to expect regarding enforcement
  • Including valuable checklists, sample forms and additional resources to ease compliance