CHA News Article

HHS Issues Proposed Rule Raising Prescribing Limit for Opioid Treatment

The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) has issued the attached proposed rule, which would double the number of patients a qualified physician can provide with medication-assisted treatment for opioid abuse disorder. Under the proposed rule, physicians who wish to increase their patient limit from the current 100 to the proposed 200 to would be required to:

  • Maintain an active waiver to treat up to 100 patients for a year.
  • Have subspecialty board certification in addiction medicine or addiction psychiatry, or practice in a qualified practice setting, as defined in the proposed rule.
  • Reaffirm their eligibility every three years.
  • Attest that they will adhere to evidence-based treatment guidelines.
  • Provide or connect patients to necessary behavioral health services.

The proposed rule also would allow practitioners with a 100-patient limit to request to serve up to 200 patients for up to six months in an emergency. More information is available in an HHS fact sheet. Comments on the proposed rule are due May 31.