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Health Policy Legislative Day Preparations Finalized
Meetings scheduled with 100 members of the Legislature

Final preparations are underway for CHA’s annual statewide advocacy program, Health Policy Legislative Day, taking place Tuesday and Wednesday (March 10-11) in Sacramento. Appointments have been made for CHA members to meet with 100 members of the California Senate and Assembly to ask for their support of hospitals and to provide them with information on the impact of proposed legislation on hospitals in their communities. Attendees will receive a list of appointments scheduled by email today and tomorrow.

Top priorities for the annual advocacy program include community benefits requirements for nonprofit hospitals; behavioral health and modernization of the Lanterman-Petris-Short Act; preserving access to emergency services; the state budget and eliminating the retroactive Medi-Cal rate cuts to distinct-part skilled-nursing facilities; and observation services. The attached issue papers with talking points have been prepared to help guide discussions on these legislative bills during the meetings with legislators.

In addition, 30 senators and assemblymembers plan to attend the breakfast reception with hospital leaders on Wednesday morning prior to the education program. All program events take place at the Sheraton in Sacramento.

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