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Groundbreaking Hospital Patient Safety Collaboration Saves Lives and Costs

By reducing early elective deliveries and hospital-acquired infections, the statewide Patient Safety First (PSF) collaborative avoided 3,576 deaths and more than $63 million in otherwise unnecessary hospital costs between 2009 and 2012. In an announcement this week PSF said that, since its inception, PSF-member hospitals have shown significant improvement in four important hospital-based avoidable harm initiatives: sepsis mortality (26 percent reduction), ventilator associated pneumonia (57 percent reduction), central line blood stream infections (43 percent reduction) and perinatal gestational age deliveries under 39 weeks (74 percent reduction). PSF is a partnership between the Hospital Council of Northern & Central California, the Hospital Association of Southern California, the Hospital Association of San Diego & Imperial Counties, Anthem Blue Cross, National Health Foundation and California hospitals. The group’s mission is to improve quality and reduce health care costs across the state in collaboration with the newly founded Hospital Quality Institute. For more information, see the attached press release.