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Grand Juries Examine County Behavioral Health Services
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The Sacramento County Grand Jury recently released its 2014-15 Final Report, including a section on mental health crisis intervention services. The report highlights a number of issues, including how those with acute mental health crises have been unable to receive crisis services in Sacramento County due to budget and program cuts. Since 2009, the number of jail inmates with mental disorder diagnoses has nearly doubled (from 18 percent to 34 percent), with the implication being that at least some of these inmates would not have been jailed had there been access to crisis services.

The 24-page section on crisis intervention services includes a list of recommendations for the county, among them a call for expanding mobile crisis programs and crisis residential services, both acute and non-acute, and establishing a 23-hour intake and evaluation crisis unit.

CHA has posted the Sacramento Grand Jury report on a new web page that will include similar  reports with behavioral health sections from other counties, including two recently released by Orange County — one dedicated to crisis intervention programs and one titled “The Mental Illness Revolving Door: A Problem for Police, Hospitals, and the Health Care Agency.”