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Governor Vetoes CHA’s No. 1 Bill to Oppose
Veto of SB 1246 is a major victory for hospitals

In a major legislative victory for California hospitals, Gov. Brown vetoed CHA’s number one bill to oppose just hours before the midnight deadline on Sunday for final action on state legislation. SB 1246 (Hernandez, D-Los Angeles) would have required hospitals to maintain a specified patient classification system. It also would have required inspections by the California Department of Public Health to include a review of compliance with nurse-to-patient ratios and other staffing requirements. In addition, the bill would have added penalties for non-immediate jeopardy licensing violations in the range of $2,500 to $25,000. In his veto message, the Governor stated that essentially there was no need for the bill because “the department is already on track to release proposed regulations on administrative penalties that will apply to a broad range of violations.” While CHA was successful in defeating this measure, the Governor still plans to move forward next year with a rulemaking process that will include additional financial penalties for hospitals.