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Governor Signs CHA-Sponsored CT Reporting Bill

The Governor has signed CHA-sponsored AB 510 (Lowenthal, D-Long Beach), which clarifies certain provisions in SB 1237 (Chapter 521, Statutes of 2010). SB 1237 requires hospitals and radiology clinics to report when a patient is administered a radiation dose to the wrong body part or a dose higher than intended by the ordering physician during a CT examination. In addition, SB 1237 made significant changes in the reporting requirements of hospitals when a patient receives excessive radiation exposure during a CT examination. SB 1237 was sponsored by the trial attorneys.

AB 510 was developed in collaboration with radiation physicists and radiologists from health systems, universities, medical centers and smaller community hospitals, as well as the sponsors of SB 1237. AB 510:

  1. Clarifies that the recording requirements of SB 1237 apply to CT exams for diagnostic purposes only. 
  2. Clarifies that the dose verification process done by the facility is applied to particular studies and not all studies, until accreditation is required. This will significantly decrease the workload, but still achieve the desired result.
  3. Clarifies that reporting is only required if an exam is done on parts of the body not intended to be scanned. It is not uncommon that body parts adjacent to the affected area are scanned. This clarification will still require reporting for specified errors or excessive radiation dosage.
  4. Defines which accrediting organizations can accredit CT X-ray systems and clarifies that a facility subject to accreditation may elect to have the CT X-ray system accredited pursuant to a single accreditation survey.