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Global Payment Program Data Show Positive Trends in Caring for Uninsured

The California Association of Public Hospitals and Health Systems has released an update on the Global Payment Program. The Global Payment Program reorganizes funding streams to create financial incentives for California’s public health care systems to provide uninsured and underinsured individuals with appropriate care in outpatient settings. Launched in 2015, the program supports the nearly 3 million California residents who remained uninsured after the Affordable Care Act implementation.

In the program’s first year, public health care systems tracked and reported around 2.8 million services provided to uninsured patients. Of these, nearly 1.4 million (49 percent) were outpatient primary care, specialty care, dental and surgery services. An additional 600,000 (22 percent) were outpatient behavioral health visits and almost 400,000 (14 percent) were non-traditional services. Since the program’s inception, health care systems have reported new investments in expanding primary and preventive physical and behavioral health care, as well as specific outreach efforts to uninsured patients.