CHA News Article

Flu Advisory Reminds Providers of Local, State Reporting

The California Department of Public Health (CDPH) has issued the attached advisory related to increased influenza activity. CDPH directs clinicians to national recommendations for testing and treatment of influenza. In addition, the department recommends influenza immunizations for all persons six months or older who have not yet received influenza vaccine this season. Even if the vaccine effectiveness is limited, immunization can reduce illness, hospitalization and even death related to influenza. CDPH also summarizes laboratory testing, reporting cases to local public health and infection control practices.

CHA encourages hospitals to evaluate their surge plans and implement them as needed. Hospitals should inform their local CDPH district office if they experience a significant surge or if they have concerns or problems. There may be times when program flex is needed; in those cases, the local district office will evaluate and make an individual determination based on the specific situation, likely relying on information about the increase in patient volumes, patient acuity and measures the hospital has implemented to ease the surge. The department does not have the authority to provide a “blanket flex” to all hospitals.