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FDA Extends Shelf Life of Certain Intravenous Products
Manufacturer updates providers on product supply

Responding to hospitals’ concerns over the continuing shortage of certain intravenous solutions used in clinical care, the Food and Drug Administration yesterday announced that certain products manufactured by Baxter Healthcare Corporation may be used beyond their labeled expiration date. To help ensure patient safety, these products should continue to be stored as labeled. If replacement product becomes available during the extension period, hospitals are expected to replace and properly dispose of the products soon as possible. Health care professionals are instructed to squeeze the bags prior to use to verify they do not have leaks; if leaks are found, the bags should not be used.

Earlier this month, the American Hospital Association and Baxter Healthcare updated providers on the Puerto Rico recovery and supply of small volume intravenous solutions and other products. Scott Luce, general manager of Baxter’s production division, indicated the company continues to concentrate on operations at its three main plants in Puerto Rico, which are fully functioning yet “fragile.” Baxter is also aware of the large intravenous fluid bag shortage. Although this product is not manufactured in Puerto Rico, it is in high demand because of the minibag shortage. In addition to Baxter’s accelerated Puerto Rico recovery efforts, the company has increased distributions of both types of intravenous fluid bags from Ireland, Australia, England, Mexico and Italy. Baxter has also increased its contracted customer inventory allocations from 50 percent to 100 percent. For more information, visit or