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Fact Sheet Examines Health Problems Among California’s Hidden Poor

The UCLA Center for Health Policy Research has released a fact sheet titled Hidden Health Problems Among California’s “Hidden Poor,” examining elderly Californians whose income is above the official poverty level but below what is required to maintain a basic quality of life. According to the fact sheet, compared to their wealthier counterparts, these individuals are almost twice as likely to say they are in poor or fair health and that they feel depressed, and are less able to obtain timely health care. There are almost two and a half times as many “hidden poor” Californians age 65 and older as there are in that age group who live below the federal poverty level — 655,000 compared to 259,000. Unlike seniors living below the poverty line, they often don’t qualify for safety-net services that would help ease financial burdens such as health care expenses. The full report is available on the UCLA website