CHA News Article

Effort to Rescind Medi-Cal Cuts Makes Headway in Legislature but Faces Court Setback

CHA-sponsored AB 900 (Alejo, D-Salinas), which would reverse pending cuts implemented by AB 97 in 2011, today passed out of the Assembly Appropriations Committee. The bill, which previously had been expanded to include many provider groups, was reportedly amended to focus on cuts to distinct-part skilled-nursing facilities. CHA will provide additional information as soon as it becomes available.

CHA also learned today that the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals has denied CHA’s motion for an en banc review of the December 2012 decision that cleared the way for state implementation of the Medi-Cal cuts. In the attached CHA media statement on the court’s decision, CHA President/CEO C. Duane Dauner states that “We are evaluating next steps in terms of the judicial process. Today’s decision only reinforces CHA’s effort as part of a bipartisan statewide coalition to reverse the cuts as part of the state budget process.”