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Draft Air Pollution Guidelines Developed
Hospitals should work with local AQMD to develop district standards

The California Air Pollution Control Officers Association has developed the attached draft guidelines updating procedures for public notification of air pollution risks and incorporating advances in the field of risk assessment. Current law requires regulated facilities, including hospitals (under certain conditions), to report the types and quantities of toxic air pollutants they routinely emit. For hospitals, this includes emissions from back-up diesel generators. The law, known as the “Hot Spots” Act, also requires air quality management districts (AQMDs) to determine which facilities must conduct health risk assessments using the California Air Resources Board’s Emission Inventory Criteria and Guidelines. The draft guidelines, developed with assistance from the California Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment and the California Air Resources Board, are intended to be used by local districts in evaluating their Hot Spots programs. Hospitals should work with local AQMDs to learn how these guidelines will be implemented at the district level and whether their district will also update its pollution emission standards.