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DHCS Releases Medi-Cal Monthly Enrollment Fast Facts

DHCS has released a Fast Facts report about Medi-Cal’s certified eligible population by basic demographic and administrative characteristics, such as age group, race/ethnicity, eligibility pathway and delivery system participation. The report was designed to provide stakeholders with the most current reportable eligibility information, making use of visual displays to convey information.  According to the most recent report:

  • Enrollment peaked at 13.6 million in April 2018.
  • Managed care enrollment comprises 82 percent of the total, while fee-for-service enrollment makes up 18 percent.
  • Enrollment by aide category includes: parent/caretaker relative & child (39 percent), Affordable Care Act expansion adults ages 19 to 64 (29 percent), seniors and persons with disabilities (15 percent), Children’s Health Insurance Program (10 percent), undocumented (5 percent), adoption/foster care (1 percent), other (1 percent), and long-term care (less than 1 percent).
  • Enrollment is 54 percent female, 46 percent male.
  • Fifty percent of enrollees are 21-64 years old, 42 percent are 0-20 years old, and 9 percent are 65 years or older.
  • Race/ethnicity breakdown for this population is Hispanic (50 percent), White (19 percent), not reported (13 percent), Asian/Pacific Islander (10 percent), African-American (8 percent), American Indian/Alaskan Native (less than 1 percent)
  • Dually eligible individuals represent 11 percent of enrollment.

To view Fast Facts and other research produced by DHCS, visit the DHCS website.