CHA News Article

DHCS Issues Final Concept Paper on Medi-Cal Waiver

The Department of Health Care Services (DHCS) has revised and published a document outlining the state’s concept for a Medi-Cal waiver that would go into effect Sept. 1, replacing the state’s current waiver for hospital financing and uninsured care that expires Aug. 31.

Since issuing the initial concept paper, DHCS has received many comments and suggested edits, including those provided by CHA, which presented testimony on the waiver renewal in November (see Nov. 20 CHA News). DHCS will submit the paper shortly to the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services to begin discussions on the waiver renewal content. The concept paper also will provide a framework for discussions within the new state Stakeholder Advisory Committee (SAC).

The SAC is to advise DHCS on the development and implementation of the waiver. The committee will be chaired by the Director of the DHCS. Members of the SAC have been selected by DHCS to balance the expertise and viewpoints that are necessary to effectively address the issues to be considered by the SAC.

The first SAC meeting will be held Jan. 7 in Sacramento and is open to the public. CHA holds a seat on the committee and will be representing the interests of all hospitals. For a list of SAC members, visit the DHCS website at (pdf).