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DHCS Announces Stakeholder Engagement Initiative
Releases stakeholder survey, announces stakeholder engagement website

The California Department of Health Care Services (DHCS) has announced a new Stakeholder Engagement Initiative. The initiative’s goals are to provide clear, transparent and regular stakeholder communication and coordination in advance of and during new initiatives; improve overall communication with stakeholders through various outreach formats; engage stakeholders in developing policy; ensure that each stakeholder effort has a clear purpose and scope, and is connected to the appropriate department teams and other stakeholder efforts; and identify and implement best practices within DHCS to share and integrate stakeholder feedback throughout the department.

DHCS is soliciting feedback about the proposed goals via a survey and direct feedback during stakeholder group meetings. In addition, DHCS will review the purpose, scope and areas of overlap for all stakeholder groups, identifying opportunities for improvement and adoption of best practices, and will develop and disseminate a standardized, department-wide protocol of guiding principles for effective and consistent stakeholder interaction and engagement.

Current efforts include:

  • Development of a stakeholder engagement directory on the DHCS website and central calendar of DHCS stakeholder meetings.
  • Obtaining input on current processes via a stakeholder survey. The survey is posted on the DHCS website for public comment, and recommendations will be reviewed by the DHCS Directorate. DHCS requests that stakeholders complete the survey by Sept. 19.
  • Plans for an overall review of stakeholder groups, in coordination with survey results and ongoing feedback, and for sharing the observations and recommendations publicly.
  • Instituting a department-wide protocol for effective stakeholder engagement efforts.

For more information, see the attached DHCS Stakeholder Engagement Plan.