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DHCS Announces Fiscal Intermediary Name Change

The Department of Health Care Services (DHCS) has announced that the current Medi-Cal fiscal intermediary for its fee-for-service system, Xerox State Healthcare, LLC, has been rebranded to Conduent State Healthcare, LLC. This shift, caused by the entity’s separation from its parent company, reflects its shift to a new independent, publicly traded company called Conduent Incorporated. The rebranding process began Jan. 3, when the separation was finalized.

It is essential for Medi-Cal-enrolled providers, beneficiaries and stakeholders to know that, effective Jan. 3, 2017, correspondence bearing the name Conduent may be related to Medi-Cal.

To stay informed about any changes occurring within Medi-Cal, enrolled providers, beneficiaries and stakeholders should open and read all information sent from DHCS, Xerox or Conduent. More information is available on the DHCS website.