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DHCS and Covered California Announce Latest Enrollment Figures

Covered California and the California Department of Health Care Services (DHCS) announced yesterday that more than 3 million Californians have signed up for health coverage through Covered California or Medi-Cal since Oct. 1. The number of consumers selecting a Covered California health insurance plan reached 880,082 by the end of February — including 762,174 consumers who are eligible for subsidies —with health insurance companies reporting that 85 percent of all enrollees have paid their first month’s premium. The five-month enrollment figure exceeds by more than 300,000 the base projection for Covered California for the entire six-month enrollment period, which ends March 31.

Additionally, 1,136,000 exchange applicants were determined to be likely eligible for Medi-Cal coverage. This number reflects new Medi-Cal applicants as well as some ongoing caseload eligibility activity that is conducted via the Covered California web portal. In addition to the 1,136,000 applicants determined likely eligible for Medi-Cal coverage through the portal, 968,500 individuals have already enrolled for Medi-Cal coverage. They include approximately 650,000 former Low Income Health Program members transitioned to Medi-Cal by DHCS; 134,000 individuals who applied through the state’s Express Lane program; and another 184,500 individuals enrolled directly through county human services agencies, which play a critical role in  processing and approving all Medi-Cal applications, including those received through Covered California.

Additional data reveal:

  • February saw a continued increase in the number of Latinos enrolled — from 119,835 at the end of January to 153,561 through the end of February.
  • Enrollment of young adults 18 to 34 years old is trending slightly upward, at 26.5 percent of the consumers who have selected a Covered California health insurance plan. This age group represents about 25 percent of the state’s population but approximately 36 percent of those who are eligible for subsidies. Also, about 35 percent of those newly enrolled in Medi-Cal are 18 to 34 years old.
  • Most subsidy-eligible consumers who enrolled in the exchange through Feb. 28 — 515,027, or about 68 percent — signed up for a Silver plan, the second-lowest-costing plan of the four plan tiers.
  • About 86 percent of consumers across all tiers received some sort of financial assistance.
  • In Covered California’s Small Business Health Options Program (SHOP), 1,073 small businesses — representing nearly 8,188 employees and their dependents — have enrolled for coverage through Feb. 28.