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Department of Justice Prepares to Implement CURES 2.0
New database will support statewide prescription drug maintenance program

The California Department of Justice (DOJ) is preparing the Controlled Substance Utilization Review and Evaluation System (CURES) version 2.0 for statewide use, concurrent with implementation of SB 482 (Chapter 708, Statutes of 2016), which passed in the 2016 legislative session. SB 482 requires authorized prescribers to consult CURES before prescribing a Schedule II, III or IV controlled substance for the first time to a patient, and at least once every four months if the prescribed substance remains part of a patient’s treatment. In addition, if the patient has an existing prescription for a Schedule II or Scheduled III controlled substance, the provider may not prescribe any additional controlled substances until the provider determines a legitimate need. The CURES database need not be consulted before prescribing medications for inpatients or hospice patients.

CURES 2.0 will be the official database to support the statewide prescription drug maintenance program; CURES 1.0 will be decommissioned. Hospitals should assess their IT infrastructure and software to ensure they are able to interface with CURES 2.0 when required, which will be sometime in the next several months. To use CURES 2.0, a user must access the system through a secure browser, defined as Microsoft Internet Explorer version 11 or greater, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Safari. Six months after CURES 1.0 is decommissioned and CURES 2.0 is used exclusively, SB 482 will formally take effect.