CHA News Article

Democrats Gain Seats in State Assembly, Senate

The Nov. 6 election appears to have boosted the number of Democrats in both state legislative houses. While not all provisional and absentee ballots have been counted, the latest count indicates Democrats will dominate both the Assembly and Senate with a two-thirds majority. Currently, 28 Democrats are likely to win seats in the Senate. One additional seat in the Stockton area is still too close to call, and may go to a Republican candidate. In the Assembly, 54 Democrats are leading their respective races.Of those, two races remain undecided: one in Kern County and the other in Orange County.

The outcomes of these key races, as well as a handful of others, may not be determined for several weeks until the remaining ballots are fully counted. The election has been a success for the California Hospital Association Political Action Committee (CHPAC), which supported 59 out of 65 successful candidates. Seven races with CHPAC-supported candidates remain undecided.

In addition, CHA-supported Proposition 30 passed. The tax initiative will bring needed revenue into the state by temporarily raising state income taxes and sales taxes. Its passage is expected to raise approximately $6 billion a year through 2017 and will help to reduce the state’s massive budget deficit.