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DataSuite Reports Delayed by CMS Cancellation

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) has cancelled the third quarter (October) update to its quality data, the source of CHA’s DataSuite hospital reports. CMS cited the government shutdown as the reason for canceling the update and noted that the next update is scheduled for Dec. 12. As a result, multiple CHA DataSuite analyses will be delayed.

The delayed DataSuite reports include:

Readmission measure trends and FFY 2014 readmission reduction program analyses: Updated readmissions measure data and data specifically related to the FFY 2014 readmissions reduction program were originally scheduled to be released as part of the second quarter Hospital Compare update. However, data issues unrelated to the shutdown delayed the data to the third quarter update. The new delay due to the government shutdown will further delay the update until December.

VBP measure trends and FFY 2015 VBP program analyses: Accurate analysis of the FFY 2015 value-based purchasing (VBP) program requires the update and addition of certain measures to the Hospital Compare dataset, which were expected to be included in the third quarter update. The cancelation will push DataSuite’s first analysis of this program until after the fourth quarter update. As a result, CHA will likely be able to produce only three analyses of the FFY 2015 program — December, March and June updates — rather than four (it is anticipated that CMS will have final VBP factors for the FFY 2015 program available in late summer, making analyses of the program after June unnecessary).

FFY 2015 HAC reduction program analysis: DataSuite’s first analysis of the FFY 2015 hospital-acquired conditions reduction program was scheduled for this month, as CHA awaited certain data points anticipated in the third quarter update and necessary to complete the analysis. Instead, CHA’s first analysis of the program will be completed after the fourth quarter update.

CHA recognizes the possibility of similar delays with cost report and claims data updates and will communicate any delays or issues as they arise. For the complete CMS message about the cancelation, visit