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CURES Database Ready for Statewide Use
Mandatory consultation begins Oct. 2

This week the Department of Justice certified that the Controlled Substance Utilization Review and Evaluation System (CURES) version 2.0 is ready for statewide use. CURES is a database that contains records of prescriptions for Schedule II, III and IV controlled substances dispensed in the state.

Senate Bill 482 (Chapter 708, Statutes of 2016) required health practitioners to consult a patient’s history in CURES before prescribing him or her a Schedule II, III or IV controlled substance for the first time, and then at least once every four months as long as the prescription continued to be renewed. Consultation is not required when controlled substances are administered to inpatients or to certain other patients treated in a health facility.

The bill delayed implementation of this requirement until six months from the date the Department of Justice certified that the database is ready for statewide use and that the program has adequate staff. Therefore, mandatory CURES consultation will take effect Oct. 2. For additional information, visit

CHA’s 2018 Consent Manual – A Reference for Consent and Related Healthcare Law includes a complete discussion of the CURES requirements and exceptions, as well as information about the Medical Board of California’s guidelines for prescribing opioids. For more information about the manual, or to order, go to