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CSSC Requests Additional Help From Hospitals for Seismic and Fire Tests

The University of California San Diego and the California Seismic Safety Commission (CSSC) began seismic tests April 17 to determine what would happen if a massive earthquake hit a medical facility. Over the next two weeks, engineers will repeatedly shake a mock medical facility — an 80-foot-high structure that includes equipment and supplies donated by California hospitals. They will also set the structure on fire, and cameras will capture the internal burning to help determine if existing fire codes are sufficient. CSSC contacted CHA this week to thank hospitals for their contributions and request additional hospital supplies to make the mock hospital setting more realistic and enhance testing. A list of needed supplies is attached, and hospitals interested in making a donation should contact Fred Turner, CSSC structural engineer, at or (916) 263-5506, ext. 227. Last year, CHA President/CEO C. Duane Dauner sent a letter to CSSC requesting that a hospital component be included in seismic and fire tests. For a video preview of the test, go to