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Covered California Will Issue Quality Ratings Next Year

The Covered California Board of Directors voted at its Oct. 24 meeting to issue available quality ratings for insurers offering coverage through the statewide exchange in time for next year’s open enrollment period. Under the Affordable Care Act, state exchanges are required to provide quality information to consumers by 2016. Initially, Covered California intended to make the quality ratings available two years ahead of schedule, but announced over the summer that it would delay release of quality information because such information would only be available for some, and not all, of the insurers.

Covered California believed it would be confusing for consumers to have quality information on certain insurers but not all. However, at last week’s meeting, Board members ultimately decided that consumers should have access to all available information when making their decisions, and announced it will issue available quality ratings next year for open enrollment. More information and background about the decision are available in the attached board discussion document.