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Covered California Releases Provider Directory
Directory includes health plan physician and hospital networks

Covered California has released a provider directory for each Covered California plan network for the period of Oct. 1 – Dec. 15, 2013.  The directory identifies the names of network providers (doctors, hospitals and medical centers) who are contracted as participating providers in networks offered by Covered California plans.Each plan’s network is listed in a sortable Excel file format and divided into two groups — a list of medical doctors and a list of hospitals and medical centers (within a listing, a medical doctor or a hospital and medical center could be listed more than once).The directory’s files are based on provider names and data submitted to Covered California by plan issuers in September.

The information has been filtered and sorted to remove duplicate entries. Filtering rules were also applied to determine which entities should be listed as individual physicians or hospitals and medical centers. Due to limitations in the September data and labeling supplied for facility types, the provider directory listings do not necessarily delineate every type of physician organization, community clinic, medical group or IPA at this time; more comprehensive information may be provided in future versions of the provider directory listings. Information not provided in this version of the provider directory reflects limitations in the data submitted and is not reflective of any policy decisions by Covered California. The provider directory will be updated periodically to reflect changes in the health plan networks and improvements to the data submitted.

The primary purpose of the provider directory is analysis, rather than consumer enrollment. Consumers should continue to use the directory search within the enrollment on to search for individual providers.