CHA News Article

Covered California Offers Open Enrollment Toolkit for Hospitals

CHA and Covered California have jointly released the attached letter to hospitals asking for their continued assistance in helping to ensure that every patient understands the quality health coverage options available through the Covered California marketplace. In addition, Covered California has included the attached toolkit for hospitals, offering ready-to-use information to share with patients.

The toolkit includes a simple one-page description of 2015 open enrollment that can be shared with hospital staff and patients. Another document shows which plans are offered in each county. For hospitals that have confirmed contracts with a Covered California plan serving the individual market, Covered California has provided an “I’m In” placard to prominently display so that patients know the hospital is participating in one or more of Covered California’s plans. Covered California urges hospitals to consider other ways to promote open enrollment in their communities, such as including information in community newsletters, participating in local press events or partnering to promote enrollment events. For additional information, refer to the best practices and outreach and enrollment strategies provided in CHA’s guidebook, Helping Individuals Obtain Health Coverage Under the Affordable Care Act.

Last year, California hospitals were part of the largest expansion of health coverage across the state since Medicare 50 years ago — an expansion effort led in part by Covered California. California made history, reducing the number of uninsured in the state by 3.4 million and reducing the uninsured rate from 22 percent to 11 percent, the largest decrease in the nation. California hospitals played a vital leadership role in communicating with patients about their health coverage options. While the Affordable Care Act is historic and represents a huge expansion of coverage, millions of Californians remain uninsured and eligible for insurance. California hospitals will continue to play a critical role in eligibility and enrollment efforts during the current brief enrollment period for 2015 — Nov. 15, 2014, through Feb. 15, 2015.