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Covered California Marketplace Begins Enrollment

Covered California, California’s marketplace for health care coverage, opened for business, kicking off a six-month open-enrollment period. Hospitals interested in enrolling individuals into the Covered California marketplace via the CalHEERS online application portal must become a Certified Enrollment Entity and have staff trained as Certified Enrollment Counselors.

Oct. 1 Launch Day Quick Links

Single-streamlined Paper Enrollment Application

The single-streamlined paper- enrollment application is available for download in PDF format.

In addition to the open-enrollment period, today’s kick-off also included:

  • The formal launch of the new features of The site will enable consumers to determine their eligibility for premium assistance and no-cost or low-cost Medi-Cal, as well as shop for, compare and enroll in coverage that takes effect Jan. 1, 2014.
  • The statewide rollout of outreach efforts and marketing that will educate consumers about their options and how to enroll.
  • Forecasts and backgrounds of who Covered California is seeking to enroll. Covered California estimates that during this initial six-month open-enrollment period (ending March 31, 2014), it will enroll 500,000 to 700,000 Californians who are eligible for premium assistance to make their care more affordable.
  • The opening of Covered California’s Small Business Health Options Program (SHOP), which will allow employers to start shopping for small-group coverage that can start in January. This program is not subject to the six-month open-enrollment period.

Covered California’s official launch began at its Rancho Cordova Service Center, followed by other events that “covered” the state: a news conference in San Francisco, overlooking the Bay Bridge; an event in the Central Valley at California State University, Fresno, to announce the open-enrollment opportunity to students; a beach event in San Diego; and a grand celebration at Los Angeles’ Union Station.

By the end of 2014, Covered California aims to have insured approximately 1,050,000 Californians newly enrolled in Medi-Cal and between 840,000 and 1.2 million who qualify for premium assistance to help them pay for a health insurance plan.