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Covered California and DHCS Release October Enrollment Data for Health Insurance Marketplace

Covered California and the California Department of Health Care Services (DHCS) have announced that, since Oct. 1, more than 59,000 individuals have enrolled in Covered California health insurance plans, and an estimated 370,000 individuals started applications for health coverage under the Affordable Care Act in October. Of those who started the application process, nearly 86,000 were determined to be eligible to participate in subsidized or unsubsidized coverage through Covered California, and 72,007 were determined to be likely eligible for Medi-Cal, with coverage beginning in January 2014. A complete press release is attached.

In October, 30,830 individuals, or about one thousand per day, enrolled in health care coverage through Covered California. Of those, 4,852 were subsidized enrollments (eligible for federal premium assistance and/or cost-sharing reduction) and 25,978 were non-subsidized enrollments. According to Covered California, through Nov. 12, another 29,000 individuals not only were determined to be eligible, but also selected and enrolled in their Covered California health insurance plan. In addition to releasing the enrollment figures, Covered California and DHCS released the results of surveys of those who completed the enrollment process during the last three weeks of October. Overall, nearly 70 percent of consumers who completed the survey found the application process easy to complete, and 88 percent of customers visiting the website found the information needed to choose a health plan that was right for them.

Covered California announced that it will release additional data on the first month’s statistics at its upcoming board meeting on Nov. 21, including information on health plans selected, enrollment by region and other factors.

Between Oct. 1 and Oct. 31, nearly 2.5 million unique visits were made to The Service Center handled nearly 250,000 calls during the same period.

Monthly Enrollment Statistics Oct. 1 – 31
  Applications Individuals
Total number of electronic applications initiated 203,904 370,000*
Completed applications through Covered California 97,494 177,331
Individuals determined to be eligible for enrollment in Covered  California   85,960

Medi-Cal Applicants**

(Includes individuals who are pending, eligible, and conditionally eligible coming in through Covered California.)

Enrollments in health coverage through   30,830
Subsidized enrollments (those eligible for federal premium assistance, cost-sharing reduction)   4,852
Non-subsidized enrollments   25,978
*Estimated based on an average of 1.8 individuals per application.
**Does not include applicants for current Medi-Cal coverage through county human services agencies. This category may also include some individuals counted in other categories above.

Monthly/ Weekly Report

Oct. 1 – 31 Week of Nov. 3 – 9
Unique visits to* 2,462,274 475,944
Total call volume 249,636 64,993
Average wait time 05:56 12:09
Average handling time 15:20 16:24
*Unique visits weekly totals cannot be added for overall total due to how unique visitors are aggregated by Google analytics over longer periods of time.
Enrollment Assistance Program Certified or Authorized  to Enroll Certification* in Progress
Enrollment entities 498 109
Enrollment counselors 1,043 4,450
Insurance agents 5,685 12,170
County eligibility workers** 10,725 ______
Total 17,951 16,729
*The majority of certifications currently in progress are expected to be completed in November.
**Trained by Covered California and authorized to use the agency’s enrollment system.