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County Medical Services Program to Offer New Primary Care Benefit May 1

The County Medical Services Program (CMSP) — which provides limited-term health coverage for uninsured low-income, indigent adults who are not otherwise eligible for other publicly-funded health programs in the 35 primarily rural California counties participating in CMSP — has announced that, beginning May 1, eligible members will not be charged a copay or share of cost for medical services, and prescription medications will require a $5 copay. This new primary care benefit will be provided to eligible members in aid code 89 (legal residents) and aid code 50 (undocumented), in addition to their CMSP standard benefit that has a monthly share of cost. The new benefit aims to assist these CMSP members in obtaining access to a specified set of primary care and/or specialty care services, including medical office visits, various diagnostic tests and prescription medications, with little or no beneficiary cost. This change — along with a number of changes to CMSP eligibility that the CMSP Governing Board approved on a two-year pilot project basis — is designed to reach more of the remaining uninsured.