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Community Organizations Across California Join Coalition Supporting CHA’s Hospital Fee Ballot Initiative

Community organizations across California, recognizing the importance of stable Medi-Cal funding, have added their voices to an expanding coalition seeking voter approval of CHA’s hospital fee initiative on the upcoming November ballot. Supporters encompass a broad range of organizations that provide services and support for California’s most vulnerable citizens, including the Asian Pacific Islander American Public Affairs Association, the California Senior Advocates League, Family Voices of California, Sacramento Steps Forward, and the Solano Coalition for Better Health. More than 860 organizations and individuals statewide have endorsed the ballot measure.

The Medi-Cal Funding and Accountability Act, which has already qualified for the ballot, will provide greater certainty for California in accessing approximately $3 billion a year in federal funds to pay for health care for residents enrolled in the Medi-Cal program.

To date, the program covers approximately 13 million Californians — nearly one in three state residents — including an estimated 6 million children, 1.4 million seniors and 4.5 million working families. California hospitals agreed, beginning in 2009 with legislative approval, to provide the funds to the state to secure the Medi-Cal dollars from Washington as part of a matching program. That program is due to expire at the end of 2016. The initiative would lock in that agreement moving forward, while protecting those Medi-Cal dollars from being diverted and used for other purposes in future years.

Details about the Medi-Cal Funding and Accountability Act are available on the campaign’s website, which also includes news coverage, video segments and greater background on Medi-Cal’s operation in California. To become a member of the coalition, visit