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CMS Releases Marketplace Enrollment Through June 30
Includes data on enrollment, average APTC credits and enrollment by metal level

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services has released a marketplace snapshot showing that as of June 30, about 9.9 million consumers had effectuated health insurance marketplace coverage – meaning those individuals paid their premiums and had an active policy at the end of June. These numbers are consistent with HHS’ effectuated enrollment target of 9.1 million for the end of 2015. Of the approximately 9.9 million consumers nationwide with effectuated marketplace enrollments at the end of June 2015, about 84 percent — or more than 8.3 million consumers — received an advanced premium tax credit (APTC) to make their premiums more affordable throughout the year. The average APTC was $270 per month.

In California as of June 30, total enrollment in Covered California, the state’s health insurance marketplace, was 1.3 million with 88.1 percent of individuals receiving an APTC (1,227,770 individuals) and 51.3 percent receiving cost sharing reductions (715,158 individuals). The average APTC per month in California was $302. Data on total effectuated enrollment by metal tier show that in California, 64 percent (895,657) of consumers selected silver plans, 25 percent (350,225) selected bronze plans, 5 percent (74,067) selected gold plans, 5 percent (64,316) selected platinum plans and less than 1 percent (9,302) selected catastrophic plans.

CMS releases marketplace state-by-state effectuated enrollment snapshots on a quarterly basis, detailing how many consumers have an effectuated enrollment, how many are benefiting from APTC and/or cost-sharing reductions, and the distribution of effectuated enrollment by qualified health plan metal level.

The marketplace snapshot is available on the CMS website.