CHA News Article

CMS Indicates Medicaid and CHIP Enrollment has Risen by 8 Million in 2014

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) has released a report indicating that eight million more individuals are enrolled in Medicaid and the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) than were enrolled at this time last year. Based on data submitted to CMS by the states, enrollment through the end of July 2014 is roughly 67 million, compared to 59 million last year, representing a 14 percent increase in total enrollment. According to the report, states that expanded Medicaid eligibility under the Affordable Care Act (ACA) saw greater enrollment increases compared to those that did not (roughly 20 percent versus 5 percent). In California, total Medicaid and CHIP enrollment at the end July was 10.9 million, representing a 19.03 percent change compared to July 2013 (pre-open enrollment). CMS acknowledges in the report that multiple factors contribute to the change of enrollment between July 2014 and the July-September 2013 baseline period, including but not limited to changes attributable to the ACA.

The full report is available here. Updated enrollment data for past months, which is updated one month after the close of the reporting period, is available on the Eligibility Data tab at the site’s Medicaid Moving Forward page.