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CMS Extends Hospital Data Submission Deadlines
Delays include inpatient quality reporting, Hospital VBP Program review and IPF notices

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) announced yesterday that it will extend the deadlines for first-quarter inpatient quality reporting data and for reviewing the fiscal year 2014 summary report for the Hospital Value-Based Purchasing  (VBP) Program, as well as for inpatient psychiatric facilities (IPFs) to submit notices of participation. CMS said submission challenges with both the hospital reporting and NHSN systems have prompted a delay to Aug. 23 for hospitals to submit first-quarter data for the inpatient quality reporting program. The extension applies to both clinical and health care-associated infection data, including 2012-13 health care personnel influenza vaccinations. CMS has also extended to Aug. 23 the deadline for IPFs to submit their notice of participation online application. In addition, hospitals now have until Aug. 26 to review and correct the FY 2014 Percentage Payment Summary Report for the Hospital VBP Program because of scheduled weekend maintenance on Aug. 24.