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CMQCC Releases Toolkit to Support Vaginal Birth and Reduce Primary Cesareans

The California Maternal Quality Care Collaborative (CMQCC) has released its Toolkit to Support Vaginal Birth and Reduce Primary Cesareans, which contains key strategies and resources to:

  • Improve the culture of care, awareness and education for cesarean reduction
  • Support intended vaginal birth
  • Manage labor abnormalities and safely reduce cesarean births
  • Use data to drive reduction in cesareans

The free toolkit is available to download on the CMQCC website. Users will be required to either log into their existing account or create a new one.

The Hospital Quality Institute has been an active partner with CMQCC and contributor to the toolkit, working alongside perinatal experts from California maternity hospitals, CMQCC leadership, professional associations, key stakeholders, and advocates to end preventable morbidity, mortality and racial disparities in California maternity care.